Portland, Oregon is inherently a romantic town. With beautiful nature providing pleasant hikes, top class restaurants, fun bars, classic theaters, and numerous public parks, this city shines with intimate possibilities. So if you’re looking for a special place for your date, especially for Valentines Day, consider these places:

El Gaucho
El Goucho is the prefect romantic experience. Guests will be treated to the ultimate dining experience, which includes a dimly lit dining room and amazing service. While at El Goucho’s take a step back in time to an era of uncompromising service and total indulgence. Diners rave about the extensive wine list and decadent lobster mashed potatoes, and not to mention the perfectly executed steaks.

Pix Patisserie
Becoming a frequented spot for night life, Pix Patisserie creates prize-winning French desserts, endless coffee refills, and a delectable list of champagnes. With over 23 flavors of dessert, you and your date can satisfy both your urges.

International Rose Test Gardens
With an amazing view of Portland and Mt. Hood, these gardens house some 400+ species of plants and flowers. The roses are a beautiful reminder of the romance you’ll share when you visit. Started in 1917, these gardens are a classic appreciation of timeless love.

Providing a stadium full of seating for some locations, you’ll never have a problem enjoying yourself in these theaters. For example, the “Living Room” is for adults only, with romantic surroundings and share-able seating. Others offer leather seats and even on-call dining, so you can spend your whole romantic evening enjoying a night out.

Blooming Moon Wellness Spa
As a wellness spa, this abode houses professionals that seek to give the best massages and treatments available. This is no ordinary wellness spa, either. Because the therapists have complete control over their own schedule, they come to work prepared to offer the utmost care and focus when providing facial treatments, waxing, acupuncture, and even romantic couples’ massages in a relaxed setting. Enjoy the privacy and comfort while you reflect on your relationship.

Kiva Tea Bar and Spa
This is a fantastic place to go together and have a delicious tea from one of the many tea regions. Not only can you enjoy tea, but the built-in spa brings luxury and serenity right to your feet. The spa provides a choice of brilliant treatments such as foot massages, soaks, full facials, and more. There’s even a special package for couples that provides massages, chocolate, and a selection of high quality champagne. You can have your experience tailored to your, and your significant other’s, content. Once you’ve chosen your tea, you have about an hour and a half to enjoy the full services and relax.

This statue garden features 62 acres of sanctuary. On the green-laden plaza, a grotto carved from rock holds a statue of Mary holding Jesus’ infant body in a loving way. In addition, an elevator ranging 10 stories will provide you with a front row seat from a mountain that promises breathtaking views and a nearby temple for meditation. And if that’s not enough, there are pools, tons of inspiring art, and even a convention center.

Kir Wine Bar
The Kir Wine Bar is the ultimate in luxury. It provides an intimate atmosphere and a wine bar to die for. If you’re looking for variety, enjoy one of the 21 wines available in a glass or opt for bottle service. They boast amazing dining options, such as a pork belly that is braised with cider, and their rich selection of appetizers will keep you and your taste buds entertained while you enjoy each other’s company. It was awarded a position as one of the best wine bars in America recently and it’s easy to see why. Taking your date here will be intimate, quite, and a perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day.